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"It is a handlers job to make the dog to be the central view for the judge,
and to make it look the most beautiful in the ring. This is what Handling is about.
Handling - how to handle your dog at a dogshow, is a book that will give the reader all the practical steps in training and showing his/her dog at dogshows."
(The book is so far only in swedish. Photos view international dog showing.)

The Author

Mia Sandgren is a dogphotographer with an international base. She is an FCI International dogshowjudge. She had her first litter of dogs in 1971 (in boxers). During the year in USA with Mrs Edna Anselmi, Windy-Hill's cockers, her interest in how to handle dogs started. In 1977 her first kerry blue terrier came along and even if not breeding them any longer, they will always be with her. Today borderterriers has joined the house. Her prefix is Cityslicker.

En bok om


- att visa hund på utställning

Finns i bokhandeln i butik och på nätet.

Bokomslag Handling att visa hund på utställning av författare Mia Sandgren

En handlers uppgift är att få hunden att vara i centrum, och att få
den att visa fram att den är vackrast! Det är vad den här boken
handlar om. Boken som ger dig goda råd i hur du på bästa sätt kan
visa fram din hund på hundutställning.


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